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Installation of Connectome File Format Library

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Connectome File Format Library

The Connectome File Format Library (cfflib) is a pure Python library for multi-modal connectome data and metadata management and integration, based on the specification of the Connectome File Format (CFF). The cfflib provides a high-level interface to many common data formats by using Nibabel for basic neuroimaging data format IO, and NumPy and the Python standard-library for other formats. The Connectome File Format provides means to store arbitrary metadata as tags and in structured form for any so-called connectome object. Connectome objects encapsulate the various data types as they occur in connectome research.

  • CMetadata: Connectome Markup Language (XML)
  • CNetwork: Networks, Connectomes (GraphML, GEXF, NXGPickle)
  • CSurface: Surface data (Gifti)
  • CVolume: Volumetric data (Nifti1)
  • CTrack: Fiber track data (TrackVis)
  • CTimeserie: Timeseries data (HDF5, NumPy)
  • CData: Other data, like tables (HDF5, NumPy, XML, JSON, CSV, Pickle)
  • CScript: Processing and analysis scripts (ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16)
  • CImagestack: Imagestacks (PNG, JPG, TIFF, SVG)


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